Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Telecast, Timing, Date, Watch Online

Chandrayaan 3 is all set to land on the moon south pole in just few hours. People of India as well as outside India are eagerly waiting for the Chandrayaan 3 live landing telecast, this is to inform you that finally the day has come on which lander will touch and land on the moon surface. As per The Indian Space and Research Organization, the spacecraft makes its landing to the moon on 23rd August 2023 at 6:04 PM in the evening. The scientist of ISRO will start the live streaming by 5:20 PM on the same day for all the people so that they can enjoy watching the Chandrayaan 3 moon landing. This time ISRO is hoping to make a soft landing of the lander vikram on the moon surface after previous failed mission. Tomorrow is a big day for all the Indians as this mission will create history and make India fourth country to visit the moon after United State, Russia and China.

Every one has keep their eye on Chandrayaan 3 live updates regarding landing, each and every person is hoping and praying for a successful landing of the spacecraft to the moon this time. India is just few hours ahead from creating a history in scientific and technology field. If you are here to know full detail about Chandrayaan 3 Landing date and timing as well as where to watch the live telecast then you are suggested to read this post till the last as we have shared all information here.

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Telecast

As per the ISRO officials, Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft is one day away or you can say just few hours away from the soft landing to the moon. As time is passing it become more close to the moon surface. Tomorrow is the final day of this mission when Chandrayaan 3 will touches the moon south pole area and create a history. Earlier United States, Russia and China also complete the lunar mission, let me tell you that United State and Soviet Union had faced many non success before landing to the moon surface but China had surprised and shocked the whole world by made a successful landing on the moon at first attempt.

Chandrayaan 3 was launched at Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota on 14 July 2023 and finally it has reached near the moon surface. Now every one is waiting for the live streaming of landing. All news channel will cover this topic tomorrow so if you want to watch the Chandrayaan 3 moon landing then you can watch it on media and news channels of India as well as ISRO official website. We have given more details on this topic below.

Moreover, ISRO officials in one of their tweet also said that, if they feel any inconvenience or any factors appears to be unfavorable then they will postpone the Chandrayaan 3 landing to August 27th 2023. Lets see what will happen tomorrow we all are hoping that everything will go according to the plan and vikram lander will smoothly and softly land on the moon surface.

TopicChandrayaan 3 Landing Live Telecast
OrganizationISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization)
Launch DateJuly 14th, 2023
Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Telecast DateAugust 23rd, 2023
Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Telecast Time06:04 PM IST

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Time & Date

Chandryaan 3 will expected to land on the moon surface on 23rd August 2023, Wednesday at 6:04 PM, earlier due to some technical issue Chandrayaan 2 mission got failed at last moment, ISRO scientist lost the touch with the lander. However this time ISRO scientists put their hundred percent and come up with the new technology with an aim to create history by landing Indian’s spacecraft Chandrayaan 3 on the moon surface. Tomorrow is a proud moment for every Indian so make sure you don’t miss the Chandrayaan 3 live telecasting and celebrate the achievement with your family and friends.

How to Watch Chandrayaan 3 Live Online

Its been more than a month since the launching of Chandrayaan 3, so far it is going very smooth and as per the plan. Vikram Lander completed all the process and now final landing is left. ISRO had announced the landing of Chandrayaan-3 on 20th August 2023. The Chandryaan 3 is just few kilometers away from the moon surface. Everyone’s heart beat is going faster with the time, finally tomorrow the long time wait will going to be over with the landing.

Chandrayaan 3 Live Telecast

ISRO Chief S. Somanath shared in his latest tweet about the Chandrayaan 3 Live Telecast or live streaming, people around the globe will witness the Vikram Lander landing live video on the ISRO official website that is , also on ISRO Youtube channel, Facebook & DD National TV. On 23rd August 2023, the ISRO will begin live streaming from 5:20 PM on its website. This time ISRO scientist is confident regarding safe and soft landing of the rover to the moon.

Everyone’s eye is on tomorrow, India will surely successful this mission to the moon and start the exploration process on the moon after Chandrayaan 3 landing. Additionally, some ministers of the India’s state also announced that the Chandrayaan 3 live streaming will be telecasted in school also. The schools authorities will specially open the school for an hour in the evening specifically for viewing this telecasting to the students.


Q. What is the Chandrayaan 3 landing date on the moon?

Ans The Chandrayaan 3 will touch the south pole of the moon surface on 23rd August 2023.

Q. What is the official website of ISRO?

Ans. The official website on which ISRO will live stream the Chandrayaan 3 moon landing is .

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